Wine Programs & Services

Unlabeled Finished Bottled Wine (Shiners)
Unlabeled finished bottled wine commonly carries convenience to those looking for faster market-ready solutions. We have the ability to provide shiners unlabeled in-bond or labeled tax-paid with capsules applied. The main benefit of sourcing shiners is, minimal capital requirement, lower minimums, and potentially faster project lead times. Lead times on removal can vary from four to eight weeks.

Locate a bulk wine lot that’s a fit and we’ll bottle it for you. We offer several packaging options available for you to choose from: standard, premium, luxury, and custom. With custom, we will match your marketing requirements. Choose from multiple bulk wine lots by clicking here.

Bulk Wine
We have over several-hundred bulk wine lots available at any given time. Our dynamic sourcing program offers a wide range of sub-AVA wines with plenty of options in style and volume, as well as price. The purchase minimum on our bulk wine is 330 gallons. Our goal is to complete your need and achieve all of your requirements within close range of the current market. Click here to download or view our complete availability list.

Private-Label Wine
We offer private label wine for direct-to-trade use. Most of our clients have been private/corporate chain retailers, distributors, exporters, and/or considered to be a winery. We can establish a new brand face along with the blend in a matter of weeks.

Labeled Inventory
Looking for market-ready wine product for wholesale? Contact us now for more details. We typically feature multiple brands with many available SKU’s, both available for domestic and export markets. For export markets we have the ability to customize a fictitious brand and go to print with labels only to be applied to the shiners of your choice. This can be a very competitively valued option for price sensitive markets.