Looking for a faster solution to fulfill your inventory needs? Shiners might be a simple option for your business. What are shiners? They are a finished, bottled wine product absent of a label. Shiners allow for custom labels and capsules of choice to be added later on when the wine is purchased for wholesale/retail use. Shiners are available to all Federal Basic Permit holders. Whether you’re a wholesaler or private-label customer any business with a basic permit can receive these wines in-bond unlabeled, or labeled and removed tax-paid. Excise taxes vary by state. Our customers are responsible for providing the label unless a custom label is desired in-house with our team. We will provide you with the general packaging recommendations to ensure best packaging fitment.

TTB requires that certificate of label approval (COLA) be submitted by the bottling facility, that’s us. Our company works with your business to make sure this important step is taken care quickly so you’re able to receive the wine without delay. Wine label processing times vary. See ‘Processing Times for Label Applications’. Label approval is submitted by our third party representative at a rate of $100 for your first label application and $85 per subsequent label application. Bottling statements must be compliant by stating the name and location of the bottling facility. DBA’s are available for $150 per trade name.

Please Note: Due to the many different state laws it is your responsibility to know your states specific stipulations on purchasing bulk wine and shiners. We do not ship to some states due to legality issues.