Bulk Wine

Whether you’re looking for whites, reds, stainless, oaked, French, Spanish, or Italian wines we have over several-hundred bulk wine lots available at any given time.  Our purchase minimum on bulk wine is 330 gallons, though we can certainly accommodate much larger orders. Given the many variables of sourcing we ask that you give us an accurate description of what you’re looking for and we can assist in providing you with samples to complete your request. Many of our clients have specific needs that we’re able to fulfill given a 30-day period from purchase. We offer volume based pricing on all of our wines. If you have a specific request with non-flexible variables please be certain we can make such accommodations possible if communicated. Our dynamic sourcing program offers a wide range of sub-AVA wines with plenty of options in style and volume, as well as price. Our goal is to complete your need and achieve all of your requirements within close range of the current market. We’re happy to supply your needs!

Send us a message with the parameters listed below and we’ll be happy to provide you with samples:

  • Vintage
  • Varietal
  • Appellation
  • Gallons
  • Price Range
  • Timeline of Purchase
  • Require Bottling (Prior to Shipment)
  • Description (Please note all required and flexible parameters).

“Your purpose to source bulk wine is equally our mission to fulfill your need. We accomplish this for you with pride and passion.”
Rarig Ross, Managing Partner